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To find Vilhelmsborg please click on this link:,8320


- to the Administration Office:
The Administration Office resides at Vilhelmsborg Allé 1 which is the Manor House of Vilhelmsborg. It is situated in the park near the forest and there is plenty of room for parking.

- to the stables:
follow the 90 degree left turn and continue past the two lakes. On the left side the competition stables are situated. On the right side along the yellow arena you find the stables for the permanently stabled horses.

- to parking facilities:
follow the 90 degree left turn and continue 50 meters. Turn left and you are on the big parking lot opposite the centre.
If you continue past the two lakes towards the competitions stables there is a VIP-parking lot outside the Main Showarena to the right.
If you continue further ahead there is a big parking lot on the left side opposite the outdoor jumping arena.